Walgrave Relief In Need Charity

Charity No 202919

Charity Commission Scheme No 4682 dated July 1957

Charity Commission Scheme No 236(S) dated June 1979


Applications for 2018 are now open.


The charity in its present form dates from 29th June 1979 when the Charity Commission prepared a scheme to incorporate the Kirkham Town Land Charity, Poor's Allotment, the Baxter Charity and the Sheldon Charity – this is the governing document in use today. The scheme allowed for nine trustees – three Nominative Trustees from the Parish Council (John Claydon, Austin Walker amd David Watts), five co-opted trustees Phillip Knight, Phyllis Chapman, Rose Jervis, Norah Hill and Doreen Norton) and one ex-officio trustee (the then Rector – Rev Richard Owen?).

 The income from the Charity is rent from the Charity field and dividends from a small investment in the Charities Official Investment Fund. It averages about £1,450 per year.

It also allows payments to be made to residents of Walgrave who can demonstrate a need for help with fuel bills, special sickness needs or infirmity, general amenities, hospital visits etc. Any grant must not affect statutory benefits.

Each year the Trustees try to monitor cases of serious sickness, they then recommend to their fellow Trustees that assistance be given. In November the Trustees ask residents to apply for aid and, following their meeting in December when each application is considered, help is given from the funds remaining for the year. 

The present Trustees are: Jane Brockett, Hazel Claydon, Brian Knight, Julie King, Stuart Wisken, David Watts, Wendy Price & Alan Brown (Secretary).

Annual report for 2017 as presented to the Annual Parish Meeting on 23 April 2018.


History of the Charity

Background information on the charities is sparse and only available from the archives. Minutes exist to cover 1889 to 1932 and then 1957 to the present day.

The Kirkham Town Charity: The Northants Charities historical ledger mentions that in 1696 there was a conveyance of "One yard land" with any profits going to the relief of the poor in Walgrave for evermore. It appears that in 1776 the Trustees received 35 acres, 3 roods and 15 perches of land in lieu of this. The land was in Holcot and it was subject to a compulsory purchase order by the Water Board to make way for Pitsford Reservoir. The Trustees tried to buy land elsewhere but nothing came of this and the proceeds were invested.

Poor's Allotment: Under the enclosures act 1776 there was an allotment of 8 acres, 2 roods and 38 perches of land, value £5 with any profit to be applied to the poor of Walgrave in fuel, corn and apparel at the discretion of the Rector and Trustees. This is the Charity field of today. James Jeaks originally farmed it. An interesting minute dated 7th December 1891 states "The Trustees of the Town Land Charity will hold a meeting at the School Room on December 15th Instant at 6pm to receive applications from those persons who wish to receive the Charity for coal for this season and no one will receive the coal who does not make a personal application on that evening between 6pm and 7pm"

Baxter's Charity: 15s annually by the Will of Francis Baxter for bread for poor widows and widowers of Walgrave paid in respect of land in Oulde by J C Tresham (Sunday after Christmas by the Church Wardens). This is now part of the investment.

Sheldon's Charity: A sum of £33-6s-1d by the Will of John Sheldon dated 2nd July 1812. Again, this is now part of the investment.


In the archives, there is reference to Almshouses at Cottesbrook, other pieces of land and gifts of money but there are no maps to identify the land and no records as to what has happened to these gifts.