Village History Stories

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(most were first printed in the Walgrave Village News)

THE END OF AN ERA      by Rose Knight

For a lot of people today, life without their smart phone/ tablet/ computer/ multiple channel TV would almost seem impossible, and yet our older residents will remember a time when their entertainment was enjoyed in a much simpler package.



This village history article was prompted by a friend’s remark that she wouldn't like to live anywhere with “grave” in the name.



At the end of January 2018 a ninety-one year-old Swedish man died. Not many people will know the name of Ingvar Kamprad but…


NEW LODGE FARM     by Rose Knight

Travellers out of the village on the Kettering Road will pass New Lodge on the left hand side.


WALGRAVE POST OFFICE(s)     by Rose Knight

It is nearly a year ago now that Walgrave’s Post Office closed its door for the last time and ended a service to the village stretching back over 160 years.


MEMORIES     an untitled poem by Elia Knight

Many older residents will have fond memories of visiting the post office run by John and Elia Knight from their cottage in Rectory Lane. Sadly, Elia died recently(early 2017) just short of her 97th birthday.


FIRE!     by Rose Knight

On the 22nd November 1805 a dreadful fire broke out in the house of Richard Dunmore, baker, in this village which in four hours destroyed five houses, …


THE WAR MEMORIAL     by Rose Knight

At Remembrance Day in November, we are made more aware of lives lost in war; and the centenary this year of the Battle of the Somme brings the First World War into sharper focus.


THE LANGHAM FAMILY     by Rose Knight

The Langham Arms, a former public house on the corner of Gold Street, is not the only place where this family’s name crops up in Walgrave. …


THE CO-OPERATIVE     by Rose Knight  

In an age of limited travel, Walgrave’s nineteenth century shoppers were well provided for by a number of dealers and traders with businesses in the village – and they were unaware …


VIOLENCE COMES TO WALGRAVE   (part two)     by Pete Gilbert 

On the 9th September 1274 Robert Malsoures, the Lord of the Manor of Walgrave, was killed by 3 men who were all servants of William Brokedys, the Rector of St. Peter’s Church.


130 YEARS AGO     by Rose Knight

Life in rural villages is constantly undergoing change, with each generation able to reminisce with “I remember when …….” stories.


FAITH     a short story by Olivia Jones

Whilst not strictly a Village History Story ~ it could easily have been. An excellent short story written by an ex-year six pupil at Walgrave Primary School 2015



In the middle of the seventeenth century Northamptonshire boasted its very own Robin Hood character and Walgrave played a bit-part in his story. 


WALGRAVE MEMORIES of Maisie Linnell (part two)     as told by Rose Knight 

Maisie Linnell’s story continues as she remembers the day the second world war started


WALGRAVE MEMORIES of Maisie Linnell (part one)     as told by Rose Knight 

My name is Maisie Linnell and I was born 81 years ago in August 1921.



1947 — no television, no mobile phones, no x-box, no lap-tops, no i-pads, not much homework — but fortunately for Walgrave’s boys (and girls) … 


VIOLENCE COMES TO WALGRAVE (part one)     by Pete Gilbert 

In an incident reminiscent of that between a certain domestic goddess and her recently divorced husband comes this account of a C14 contretemps involving a Walgrave resident and a married couple from Northampton.


THE OLD HOUSE     by Rose Knight

Walgrave’s annual “Open Gardens” event was recently enjoyed by many residents and visitors to the village – and one of the highlights of the garden tour has to be the gorgeous garden surrounding The Old House on Holcot Road.



Many of Walgrave’s older residents will have fond memories of queuing and being served in the former Post Office in Rectory Lane …


THE OLD SCHOOL     by Rose Knight

In 2011 our village school celebrated its centenary, but it was nearly two hundred years ago that a group of concerned parishioners were putting together a scheme to found Walgrave’s first school.


ST PETER'S CHURCH     by Rose Knight

A country parish church has become synonymous with village life – in medieval times daily life revolved around the Lord of the Manor and the church, and today – after the passing of hundreds of years – the church with its ceremonies and rituals still plays an important part in the lives of many people.


THE BAPTIST CHAPEL     by Rose Knight

It has not always been easy to worship openly according to one’s religious faith – certainly our Tudor kings and queens, at times, made life very unpleasant for anyone who held a different set of beliefs to theirs.


AN EVACUEE'S STORY     by Olga Sheldon

I was seven years old when I left my mum and dad in Holloway and came to live in Walgrave.  The Second World War had been declared in September 1939 and I moved to the safety of this small village in October 1939.


MEDIEVAL  WALGRAVE     by Rose Knight

Sunny days are a good time to appreciate, in the fields surrounding the village, the tantalising remains of Walgrave’s ancient past. For more than a thousand years a farming community has been settled here, meriting an entry in Domesday Book in 1086.