‘Over the Hedge’ articles

A series of articles entitled 'Over the Hedge' – mostly by David Knight and Mark Middleton, with a few by Matt Knight (and 'guest appearances' from Pete Gilbert) – that are a regular feature in the Village News magazine, now reproduced with thanks to the authors.


Autumn 2018   Winners and Losers   Autumn 2018   That was a dry one! – Over the hedge
Summer 2018  

Red Kites… and Hoverflies

  Summer 2018   Some thoughts from Over the hedge
Spring 2018   Monty Python, Vegan, etc.   Autumn 2017   Indian Summer … & waiting
Spring 2017   Mad Mad World   Autumn 2016   It's all about the "B"
Summer 2016   Soil   Spring 2016   The Market
Autumn 2015   Feeding ponies   Autumn 2015   Indian Summers
Summer 2015   Diversification   Spring 2015   Over the Hedge
Autumn 2014   Paths, livestock & dog walking   Summer 2014   Life is full of ups and downs 
Spring 2014   Badgers – again   Autumn 2013   Students 
Summer 2013   In the lap of the Gods    Spring 2013   Horse meat
Autumn 2012   Counting Chickens   Summer 2012   Supermarket Watchdog 
Spring 2012   The Revolutions    Autumn 2011   Badgers re-visited 
Summer 2011   Lack of Rain   Spring 2011   Farmers
Autumn 2010   Harvest and GM   Summer 2010   Soil
Spring 2010   Ploughs   Autumn 2009   Weather, Badgers & TB
Summer 2009   Precision Farming    Autumn 2008   Harvest
Spring 2008   Oil Seed Rape   Autumn 2007   Over the Hedge 2
Spring 2007   Over the Hedge 1